namaste3There are some Beings that have directly touched the community in Orgiva with their grace.

Paul Hurcomb,  Aisha Salem and Prajna Ginty have offered Satsangs and retreats in Orgiva, while retreats of Sri Mooji are often attended by a group in Orgiva by teleconference.
You can find more information about each of them on their respective pages.

The Teacher

We assume that what we are learning in the presence of the teacher, is what we are being taught by the teacher. This is because with intellectual things it mostly works this way. With the learnings of the Heart, this, like everything else, works differently.

When we learn with the Heart, the teacher goes to the Stillness inside, and is in Presence. When the Teacher communicates with us, we are slowly taken to this place inside ourselves, and from there realizations take place, which are the true Learnings that we receive.

It makes a big difference whether we believe these Learnings come from the teacher, or from within us. When we believe it is coming from the teacher, we easily stop the learning process as soon as we step out of the presence of the teacher. But when we understand that the Learning is coming from the Presence within Ourselves, we have the opportunity to continue our process of growth and learning, and we have found the one true Teacher.

The one true Teacher is Presence.

Any teacher is a manifestation of the one Teacher, and anything that they truly Teach us, they teach from the Presence within themselves, that is no different from the Presence within us.
Presence is One. It is our true nature, and the more we surrender our false beliefs about our nature, the more the Presence is teaching us about the way of the Heart that leads to an ever deepening immersion, through Consciousness, into Presence. This is the Curriculum.