Orgiva Consciente is a group of people who are united in our dedication to Truth, Consciousness and Community (Sangha).  We have been brought together by the Satsangs that are taking place in Orgiva, given by several beautiful beings who are sharing with us the Natural Presence of Being.

Orgiva is located in the Alpujarra mountains, and like Tiruvanamalai in India, it is becoming a meeting place for those who yearn to explore the reality of who we are, who seek the Truth.

The group Orgiva Consciente is supporting this movement by facilitating Satsangs, activities and meetings that inspire us in our process of unfolding into the Presence of Being. For this purpose we rented in October 2014 a farmhouse on the outskirts of Orgiva with total confidence that it could be maintained thanks to donations from the community. And so it has been for more than one year. Now we have taken a new step and have ample space in the village, which we call The source, in this space we continue to share from personal inquiry and Love.

This website gives an overview into the dynamics of what is going on around Orgiva Consciente. It also includes the Heart-share blog wich is a space where each of us can write posts about anything that is coming out of the honesty of our hearts.


Web is completely bilingual as a faithful reflection of the reality that we live in our community and, of course, anyone can write in the language that is easier to express themselves.
Thank you for your cooperation in the construction of this space on the Web