The main activity of Orgiva Consciente is the facilitation of Satsangs.Samadhi2Paul'sRetreat_Color

Órgiva Consciente’s activities take place at the Samadhi Hall of La Fuentecilla. We consecrate the space solely to introspective gatherings, so Samadhi holds a sacred and restful atmosphere.

Participation in most of our activities – including satsangs and teachings – is free of charge, yet donations are welcome as they allow us to keep the space running.

Silent meditation, bhajan chanting, broadcasted satsangs with Mooji and others events are held regularly every week and are open to everyone. Besides these permanent activities, our schedule is being constantly updated with new activities spontaneously offered by the sangha community.

The schedule of satsangs and retreats is moving constantly according to the agenda of the visiting teachers.


Satsang con Paul 2A Sanskrit word, satsang means ‘to be in the company of Truth’. It is usually used to refer to the regular encounters between teacher and students with the aim of supporting the latters’ own journeys into self-realization.

No rigid structure applies to these meetings, thus satsangs can happen in distinct formats depending on the teacher’s method and seekers’ needs. Usually the encounters take between 2 and 3 hours and follow the question-answer format, although in specific cases the teacher might recognize the need for a distinct approach so guided meditation, pure silence, listening to music and even dancing are often taking place.

Satsangs are offered by visiting teachers and the schedule varies according to their availability.

Mooji Satsangs   Most Sundays, from 4pm to 7pm

Please check Schedule…

MoojijiMooji usually offers satsangs in his Portugal-based ashram every Sunday around 4pm (Spanish time). We watch these encounters online in real time in a big screen at La Fuente.

Recorded satsangs are also broadcasted at the usual 4pm when no live encounter is being held in Portugal.



Community work day (Karma Yoga)         Wednesday,

from 10.30am to 11am: Meditation

from 11am to 1.30pm: Karma Yoga

“Having abandoned attachment to the fruits of actions,
ever content, depending on nothing, they do not do anything though engaged in activity.”

(“The Bhagavad Gita”, Chapter 4, Verse 20)

KarmaYoga1_B&WThe ‘discipline of action’, karma yoga invites us to be fully present when acting in the world. Immersed in the now, not emotionally invested in the actions which are taking place: here we can meet ourselves in the simple happening of something that is being done, away from the identification with the likes and dislikes of ourselves as separated doers. To practice karma yoga means to serve in whatever way is needed at a given moment, moving beyond preferences and personal attachments to the fruits of our activities.

 The maintenance of La Fuente is entirely based on voluntary work.

We meet on Wednesdays from 10.30am to 13.30am to work on that which needs to be done: satsang hall cleaning and general maintenance. Help is also needed at other moments with the setup for our satsangs, meditation sessions and other activities.

You are most welcome to join our team. In case you want to volunteer, please contact us through the following phone number 642024281 or use the contact form here