The Heart-share blog of Orgiva Consciente is a space for all of us to share something intimate about our personal journey. Everybody is welcome and invited to contribute to it, and whatever you feel to write from Truth, from Love is gratefully received.

This section of the website will also be publicly accessible, but comments are disabled, so that it is clear to everyone that what we share from our hearts can not be the subject of any discussion.

We want to make this area a beautiful garden of inspiration, of tenderness, of truth, of respect, of vulnerability, of light. And we are inviting everybody to plant their seeds and saplings of honesty in this sacred space!

Every member of the core group of Orgiva Consciente will receive access to the publishing area of the blog, from where you can write your heart-share post.

But everybody is welcome to write your heart-share story, and if you don’t have access to the publishing interface, you can write down your story on the Heart-share post page, and we will post your contribution on the website.

You can write your post in the language that you prefer.