La Fuente

La Fuente – “The Source” – is the space where most of Orgiva Consciente’s activities take place. Located in town and overlooked by the southern Andalucia mountains, this peaceful space is offered for everyone who wants to come and rest in their own stillness. Away from the everyday pushes and pulls of outer, busy life,

SamadhiLa Fuente holds openly an invitation to contemplate our inner Self and meet others who are also walking their way into spiritual self-discovery.

The Satsang hall – Samadhi – is the space where teachings, retreat meetings, bhajan celebrations and group meditations take place.

The source also has others rooms that allows that we meet to share a time enjoying a cup of tea.
We still are conditioning the space.


For detailed information on our permanent activities, check our activities page.

For more details please call 642 024 281


 Every single human being bears an inner Light that lies just there, waiting to be discovered.  La Fuente is emergin from a Heart call: to offer a space where scattered seekers could come together, support each other and explore the potential of such a Love that lies within. Under this all-encompassing guidance, the use of the space, online live satsangs and our meditations are all offered on Donation Bases.

Donations can be offered online from this page or through the donations baskets that can be found in the property. Regular, monthly contributions are welcome and are of essential importance to help us maintain the space and the work is being done.

Every Wednesday, from 10am-12am, we come to work together: we clean the space, fix whatever needs repair. If you feel in your Heart, you’re most welcome to come and join us in these karma yoga activities.


 To come to the encounter of our most intimate Self is to say Yes to the call of looking inside. It means that we are open to – at least just for a while – shift our attention from the usual outer calls of the world and explore the inner landscape.

We nurture our journey inwards through silence: in La Fuente we move quietly, directing our attention deep inside and experiencing being with ourselves and around others beyond words. We exchange talks when it comes to practical matters, but while here you’re invited to put aside your stories and plans, memories and even dreams, and to plunge deep into a state of permanent meditation where your whole being is dedicated to explore what it is that lies in that location we call Now.