The essence of the roses

Roses from the EastBotanic Serrat Rosal Miniatura1
Roses from the West
Roses from the North
Roses from the South
Roses growing in different part of the globe
Roses in different colors
Smal and great from everywhere you may find roses
The parfum the essence of the roses there is noone that will say how ugly this essence is no even the wurst bad person will start smiling when smelling the essence of the rose.

This is the power the reality of the rose.
This is you, believe in yourself from within this is you.
From with in we are all one.
In this when you learn to listen to your inner voice bring it out it will speak in the language of love.
This is the power of the rose the essence the parfum is the love of God.

In this inner essence it is God that speaks in one voice and from within every heart from the far east north South west will open and give His Beauty out from within this Divine from God through you from you in to this world.
Your inner smile is from the essence of Himself in the language of the heart the language of love help others around you yes as you love to ambrase the one who give you a rose …
help others in this inner beauty you will see they will ambrase you to.
It is the power of Love in your smile that heals and helps ..
Help them just by being yourself as you are.
In the essence of the roses we are all the Beloved Beauty.

Shaykh Ahmad Dede